Established in August 2008, American Swing Music and Dance Association is an educational and charitable organization dedicated to keeping this uniquely American form of musical and dance expression alive and thriving.

The uniquely American form of swing music and dance encompasses music ranging from 1930’s big band through contemporary music today, and dance styles including, but not limited to, Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Bop, Hand Dance, Balboa and Shag (to name but a few). Inseparable from each other, swing music and dance have been an integral part of American popular culture for over 80 years.

American Swing Music and Dance aims to educate the public on the history and evolution of this art form by providing both an historical appreciation for the art forms as well as providing an avenue to individuals to enjoy the music and learn the dance itself.

The benefits of swing dancing are numerous. Too often, modern education emphasizes book learning without providing necessary social skills; the rise of the internet means people have less human and face-to-face social interaction. Students who engage in social dance develop valuable social skills at the same time they are engaging in a healthy physical activity. By providing educational and instructional programs, helps foster an appreciation for the historical importance of the art form while it helps create new dancers.